We are a group of passionate people, who love to travel and discover the world, widen horizons... who dare to dream to create the extraordinary... who love nature and animals, believing in the value of sharing... who know the importance of listening, empathy...
who are enthusiastic for making difference in people's lives whom they touch, for making them happy... who work with passion and like going adventures together as an energeticand fun team.

Would you like to join us on our journey ?


We are a fully integrated event management agency based in Istanbul Turkey.
Founded in 2003, we create ideas and solutions for both national and global companies to accomplish flawlesly executed, truly connecting the audience,
succesfull events all around the world.

We are renowned for creating exceptional events and experiences, and delivering service excellence from start to finish.

We are young and innovative event proffesionals with different backgrounds and experiences. This diversity is at the core of our creativity and inspiration.

What makes our team successfull is our passion and dedication to what we do, which make us and keeps us motivated, positive and smiling even if in tough circumstances.

Our primary mission is to make our clients we work together feel precious and safe with us.

We are dedicated nature lovers, trying to turn every possible chance to a social benefit through our projects we take part.


All of our team including also our cat NEW and our dog Grace Hanim (Lady Grace) consists of living creatures ...


My Team

All of our team including also our cat NEW and our dog Grace Hanim (Lady Grace) consists of living creatures and people whom I met at different points of the the life. I didn't have any job interview with anybody except one person. I didn't look at experience and business knowledge of anybody. All of my team were selected pursuant to their energy integrity, life philosophies, their attitudes in the faces of random events. I didn't turn out to be in the wrong at neither of them. We transformed into a unity consists of persons who are well informed and open to innovations, motivated to do their works ideally, valiant, amusing, multi-colored and also who admit their own rights and wrongs. We like each others; we like life, world, nature; and also we like animals very much. We respect to each moment of the life. The reason of the fact that our certain specific projects are being awarded, and even the simplest activity is felt as an exclusive experience by both attendees and our customers results from the fact that we are carrying same endearment and respect into these moments we shared in our life. I consider myself lucky and happy by virtue of the fact that I take place in this family, and share same office and ideals everyday with these people whom I like very much.

Esra Öter

My dream was to fictionalize "a more different business life" while I was establishing Eventchi in 2003. I desired to built a happy, multi-colored and syndromless environment in which making money is not a big deal, sharing is on the front burner instead of earning and saving money, and everybody like and respect each others. I can describe those which I like to do out of business life are as followings: scubadiving, sailing & traveling. Being at beneath/on/near of sea surface adumbrates me to be near to my habitat. I am feeling myself integrated with nature and everything which are natural and also with everybody. I love animals especially those ones nobody loves and desires. I am crazy about my job. Its difficulties enamour and excite me. Overcoming each of them gives me great happiness and energy. I don't think of being retired. Perhaps me to create some more spare time may be possible, however I desire to think and produce through all my life.


We are a team consists of kind-hearted people in which energy integrity and diversity are at advanced ...


We are a team consists of kind-hearted people in which energy integrity and diversity are at advanced stage. The building stones of our team consists of 6 people, 1 cat and 1 dog are love and respect for world, to life we live, living creatures, to each others... Creating excellent results by enjoying each of its seconds is the unique fact that exhilarates us. There is not big or small projects for us, but there are moments that will excite and make happy the people. Our the greatest motivation is the smile and we have seen in the faces of the participants and them to enjoy from the moments they had experienced. We are a beautiful family which has its own values, and knows to share. Each of us completes a whole with our different characteristics and characters. I feel myself very happy and lucky because of being under the same roof together with living creatures which I liked or to be sharing same objective and love with those who are at different places of the World every day.

That is the point what I like in my job: to produce in pleasure and with a great energy. I made discovering my principle every time; it doesn't matter whichever it is to discover new things such as a new country, city, meal or artist; discovering and learning new things without any interruption adumbrates me that I am living. I can say that those which I like to do out of business life are skating, picture (especially oily paint), party! & traveling. I travel at every opportunity I have. I believe in the energy of universe and the combination. I feel that all of living creatures are equivalent to me; and I behave in this manner. I don't allow bad energy to take shelter in my life; and I believe in the power of smiling :) I'd like to go on in this direction and also to learn, to produce and to discover without losing smiling out of my face through all my life.


In fact, philosophy of Eventchi is like rising a child; "Place on its foundation the right understanding and ...


In fact, philosophy of Eventchi is like rising a child; "Place on its foundation the right understanding and point of view; and remaining rights will come in sequence." Well, what is it? ''Freedom''. It is completely my absolute must. The life was like black and white, (narrating the life with these two colors is my illness; that's quite another story:)) 8 years of institutional experience; and afterwards military service. Freedom was starting when you go out of the door; and finishing when you enter in. We met Eventchi when I came back from military service. Here, we are out of understanding of win - win; I felt this at the fist moment when I entered through Eventchi's door. Completely free, consequently creative as far as possible, therefore effective and naturally happy. These truths in sequence made here mine; and me of here. This sense of belonging encumbers on the shoulders of man the liability of remunerate everything. My dream is a life which is more free, greener, more humanistic, much more sharing, equal, nearer to sea. For myself, for my family. I live very close to all these ever since I attended in Eventchi family. We are free and consequently happy people. There is not another thing in its nature to graft more creativity and eagerness to a man. For that reason we are in rightful proud of our works we have revealed.


Home sweet home. 9 years have passed ever since the first date on which I had entered in through its door ...


Home sweet home. 9 years have passed ever since the first date on which I had entered in through its door; and all beautiful memories have passed... All of our aspects which make us we, provides the fact that all works we started becomes the best and the beautifulest. The more our motivation exponentially increases, the more each projects for which we have given our happiness, energy and love returned us. We exert effort for real beautiful but not for the thing seeming like beautiful. Being a part of this team which had been selected carefully and naturally transformed into a family makes me feel very special.

The Eventchi adventure that had started in 2006 continues in my life without interrupting any speed. Because of we, as a family, work together and for each others, I can spare time for my hobbies and social life out of my business life as much as I desire. I like every kind of sport. I can't think a life without adrenaline. I like offroad, camp, ski, sailing. Spending time and discovering in nature is in quality of a therapy for me. Traveling is the most beautiful part of both my job and my life.


Regardless of the kind, size or location of the event, our goal is always the same: to actualise a creative, flawlessly executed experience that truly connects with the audience.

We offer fully integrated event management services including strategy developing, planning, venue sourcing, catering, creative design & production, staging and lighting, entertainment, decoration & AV. Equipment, promotion and logistics.

We provide personalized services in the field of following areas;

Conferences & Seminars
Internal Parties
Conferences & Summits
Team Building Activities
Launches & Press Events
Kick-Off / Offsite Meetings
Incentive Programs


We empathize with you and we evaluate every possible detail from your perspective. We talk the same language with you running towards the same target.

We care about your budget. We pay attention to deploy your resources
in the most efficient way with an accurate cost analysis.

Our main values behind our successfull events;

  • Sense of quality

    Accurate cost analysis

  • Creative


  • Hight operational capabilities

    Qualified solution partners

  • Accurate planing

    Effective time management

  • Integrated service approach

    Advanced communication network



    Microsoft MEA OEM Marketing Director

    The agency that always goes extra mile, proactive, energetic and 100% positive is hard to find. EVENTCHI deserves all of these adjectives and even more.

    As marketing professionals, we need to ensure flawless execution in several executive events and when EVENTCHI was an agency of choice, they never let us down with their professionalism. They are more than an event agency but a true business partner for us that has great empathy and brings out finest creativity. Even at the hardest locations they created wonders. They listen carefully, they are agile and can take actions very quickly. They are truly customer centric and know how to make unforgettable events over and over.

    Thank you EVENTCHI, it is a great pleasure to work with you and looking forward to many more great years of partnership.


    Verifone Senior Marketing Manager, Eastern Europe & Middle East & Africa

    I work for different companies with lovely Eventchi team for years.

    The fact that the team strived to give sprite for every work, their flexibility abilities in the operation, the quality of the smallest detail in the operations carried out resulted perfect production of every work.

    Single day organizational and HR activities including also the press conference and press journey exhibited their differences in the launching and incentive sale activities.

    All of the team, one by one, is too professional. We are absolutely able to take rapid and positive response for each of our demand everytime.

    I recommend you this team if you need support by a partner who will appropriate the works as much as you.


    Professional Coaching (Culture Change, Leadership,Talent Development, Executive Coaching, Events, Key Note Speaking, Play To Win)

    I have worked with EVENTCHI for many years. The record of achievement to help develop and deliver their clients needs is exceptional.

    With an eye on detail, creativity, experience and customer service, EVENTCHI are fantastic to work with. Nothing is too much for them.

    Over the past 6 years I have thoroughly enjoyed working with EVENTCHI to deliver some of the most impactful events.

    Time and again they prove to be the best.





We are based in Istanbul, Turkey but we don't just work in Turkey.
We travel a lot, we make events all around the world.

The world is literally our playground. We are always in search of new destinations
that offer unique opportunities and great value for your budget.


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